The Overall Mechanism

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An e-cigarette runs off of a lithium-ion battery, which can be recharged, as necessary. The recharging options are endless, as individuals can use a wall outlet, USB or car charger. Many kits also come with a case that doubles as a charger. The device looks and feels like a real cigarette, but without the mess or fire hazard.

Since the electronic cigarette launched in 2004, there has been many various brands on the market. According to the website called E-Cigarette Junction, there are a few good brands that surpass all others. Some reputable brands include Green Smoke, Provape and E-Cigarettes Choice.

New Cigarette Technology

For those interested in weaning themselves off of their nicotine habit, substitute a pipe or cigar habit with something more convenient or just try out a non-nicotine solution, an electronic cigarette may be the best option. There are benefits to using this device and it is especially great for those looking to quit smoking altogether.