Suffering because of nicotine

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I couldnt see or think straight. I was craving nicotine like a fiend. I imagine that every vaper must face the decision of toughing it out or going back to analogs until they acquire a replacement.

I went back to analogs for a while. Just one or two a day. And I relied on Snus to satisfy the cravings. Cigarettes tasted disgusting to me. Nothing like vape. When tobacco undergoes a pyrlotic transformation, it releases tons of nasty carcinogenic molecules. Not to mention, all the other weird alkaloids and psychoactive parts of a cigarette that no one ever really thinks about.

A cigarette addict is not just addicted to nicotine, but also to all the other crap. When you burn and inhale any plant, you are getting so much more than just the active ingredient. When you vape, you only get the good stuff.

I really suffered through the one-week period that I had no vape, but vapers should see a break as an opportunity to assess their addiction to nicotine.