Electronic Cigarette Reviews

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Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, are a nicotine delivery system that is a popular alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes work by providing a measured dose of nicotine through water vapor. You can buy them at a vaporizer shop in your city/town. The vapor is designed to resemble the flavor of tobacco and provides a physical sensation similar to inhaling smoke.

Early e-cigarettes looked like traditional cigarettes. Newer devices are more creatively designed to give customers a wider variety of options. The main appeal of smoking an e-cigarette is for smoking cessation. Electronic cigarettes are less dangerous than the combustion cigarette.

Electronic vaporizing cigarettes imported from China are innovative products that fill a gap in demand from smokers looking for less-expensive alternatives to tobacco smoking. Imported e-cigarettes also pose significant financial risks to businesses that distribute these nicotine delivery systems to local consumers.

While Chinese scientists are to be commended for attempting to find a solution for the 4.5 trillion cigarette butts discarded every year, the consequences to the environment and in particular marine life, cannot be ignored. The effects of a chemical compound extraction applied to oceanic pipes must consider the known toxic effects on fish species.