E-Cigarettes Have No Smell

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While almost all non-smokers find the smell of cigarette smoke unappealing, many smokers feel the same way. Electronic cigarettes provide a realistic smoking experience without the unpleasant odors associated with smoking. Electronic cigarette smokers don’t have to leave the window open, burn incense, or spray air freshener on a regular basis to diffuse the smell of cigarette smoke in their homes. The water vapor released by personal vaporizers dissipates in the air almost instantaneously – leaving no odor behind.

No Secondhand Smoke

Secondhand smoke may not be as toxic as actually smoking, but it still presents a clear danger to exposed individuals. Secondhand smoke contains the same carcinogens smokers inhale – making it a clear cancer risk. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, secondhand smoke is responsible for roughly 3,000 cancer cases each year. Electronic cigarettes, however, give off water vapor rather than secondhand smoke, making them harmless to friends, family members and passerby.