E-Cigarette Dumping Additional Tariff Duties

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Some countries have been imposing extra duties on products from low-cost nations like China accused of dumping. Dumping describes a situation when many inexpensive products that a foreign government unfairly subsidizes put local businesses at a disadvantage because they cannot produce those same goods at a comparable price.

Importers should check with their local customs authorities to see whether e-cigarettes from China are currently marked for dumping penalties. The Canadian Border Services Agency publishes an online SIMA Monthly Index that identifies specific products and their countries of origin that are subject to anti-dumping tariff duties.

Electronic Cigarette Labeling and Packaging Requirements

Given that the FDA and Health Canada are studying electronic cigarettes and their health effects in detail, one might expect that government authorities will one day require specific wordings on e-cigarette labels and packages.

Even if not as onerous as the required wording on the packages of tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes may be subject to expensive relabeling and repackaging at the importer’s expense.

Canadian importers should check with the Competition Bureau of Canada for labeling and packaging requirements well in advance of signing a purchase order with a Chinese e-cigarette supplier.