Adapt and cope

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This has probably happened at least once to any vaper. Everything is going great. Youre in control of your life. Maybe you just got a new job offer or you just got an A on your exam. Or maybe your life isnt going so well. Youve just lost your job or maybe youre failing all your classes.

But then, it happens. Your last atomizer breaks. Your battery stops working all of a sudden. You misplace your charger. Or (like me), you gave away your backup device and you left your Mod in the back of a taxi cab.

Your life spirals into crisis. You think to yourself: How the hell am I going to get through this 15-page paper without nicotine?

Nonetheless, you must adapt and cope.

Clearly, the best thing to do is to have a backup device. I always have backup attys and juice so thats never the problem, but when I lost my only device, things were difficult.